Salida Art Walk Visitor's Center
The Salida Art Walk Visitor's Center is the perfect place to begin your experience. Located on F Street, the Visitor's Center will house the Salida Art Walk Store, Programs, help desk, and will be accompanied by the Salida Chamber of Commerce and the Chaffee County Visitor's Bureau to be sure that your visit is the best it can be!

Three stages, Three times the Fun
As you walk through the streets you'll hear a variety of the Arkansas River Valley's outstanding musicians, actors, and performing artists. From music to the Salida Circus performers, face painting to Shakespeare, the infamous Mud People to roaming guitar players the Salida Art Walk will over you an experience of a lifetime.


The Kid's Creative Center & Gallery
Sponsored by the Salida Creative District and the U.S. Forest Service, children are welcome to participate in a variety of art projects, have their faces painted, and get out of the sun. These young artists also get to display their work in the first ever Kid's Art Walk Gallery.