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Tina Gramann

Artist Registration

Welcome to the 30TH ANNUAL SALIDA ART WALK - JUNE 23-25, 2023.

Our mission is to celebrate art in all forms during a weekend event in the Historic Creative District of Salida. We are calling creatives who live within a 50-mile radius. Our focus is to support local artists and inspire imagination in all visitors.

Looking for a venue to show your work, such as a business or restaurant? Approach a place that fits your work and ask if they would be your venue! Note that venues must also register. Need assistance finding a place? Email Scroll down for more info about artists and venues, including the Paquette Gallery. All artists are welcome to become a part of this annual event.

If you do not have a Sales Tax License, apply for an Event Sales Tax License. Start now! It takes 4-6 weeks.

The deadline for registration is May 15th, 2023.  

Required Registration Information

Have the following ready when you begin registration:

  • Your name, phone number, email address

  • Your website and social media links

  • A short description of your work

  • A biographical paragraph

  • The name of the venue 

  • The address of the venue 

  • One image for thumbnail (240 x 150)

  • 2+ high resolution gallery images

$50 to register with Salida Art Walk

$20 fee for City of Salida event permit. You will need your tax license number when paying.

If you do not have a venue arranged, please contact us at for help. You can still register, but please select the help option in the form.

Registration Fees

See how the information you enter will look on your page. 

Artist Expectations

  • The artist is responsible for all sales and charging appropriate taxes.

  • The artist will be responsible for reporting their total sales and tax after the event.

  • Set up by 10am on Friday June 23rd.

  • Close out by 5pm Sunday June 25th.

  • Artist must remain present for all three days 

  • Artist must provide a sales tax license number

Discuss with Your Venue Host

  • When will your venue register?

  • Who will pay the venue registration fee?

  • What interior space is available for your display?

  • Work with your venue to come to an agreement on what you will need.

  • Will they host a Saturday evening artist reception?

  • We encourage demonstrations! Is there an appropriate space for your needs?

Exhibit at the Paquette

The Paquette Exhibit is full for 2023. We are happy to  help you find a business venue where you can show your work.

Mini Masterpiece Auction

All artists are asked to donate a Mini Masterpiece for our auction. All proceeds support the costs of hosting the Salida Art Walk.

  • Beginning on April 1st, pick up a canvas at First Colorado Land Office at 202 N F St, Salida during the week between 10am and 3pm

  • The canvas will be 4x6" or 4x4"

  • Use the label provided for your name, email, name of piece and location of your art venue

  • Drop off completed artwork at the same location between June 1 and June 15 between 10am and 3pm on week days

You will need to log in to pay and then register.
See here for help with creating an account.

The registration deadline has passed.

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